San-J Gluten-free Tamari Soy Sauce

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Our fermentation process gives San-J Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce great flavor-enhancing properties. Made with 100% soy and no wheat, it has a richer, milder, more complex taste than regular soy sauce. Add Tamari to soups, gravies, sauces and casseroles. Use it as a marinade and in stir-fry dishes or simply dip your seafood, sushi, veggies or appetizers in this flavorful, gluten-free soy sauce.

San-J Gluten-free Tamari Soy Sauce

The secret to San-J Tamari’s renowned taste is its pure soybean content and a higher concentration of soy protein. The taste won’t flash off when it’s heated. We’ve brewed Tamari the same methods for eight family generations, upholding a commitment to use no artificial flavor additives or colors.

There are many dietary benefits of Tamari that accommodate different lifestyles. If you are gluten-free, we invite you to try this soy sauce verified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. Our Tamari also is a certified vegan product by Vegan Action, and so it’s a perfect complement for your plant-based meals. It’s certified kosher by the Orthodox Union and FODMAP friendly as well.

Water, Soybeans, Salt, Alcohol (to preserve freshness).

This San-J Tamari product contains soy ingredients.

10 fl. oz.

Serving Size:
1 Tbsp. (18g)

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